Current & Former Military Regroup To Storm The Web

Veterans Hackathon 2020

veteran hackathon coders watching the keynote speaker Tony Taylor USMC veteran.
Fall In Happy Hour | Guest speaker Tony Taylor | Christmas Room Kumospace
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Hackathon: a sprint-like competition for technologists to collaborate intensively on software projects over a 24- to 48-hour period.Veterans’ Hackathon is for anyone with ties to the military, designed to solve problems at the junction of tech and veterans’ health administration.

These current and former military members not only had the cleanest rooms, but they also brought a clean style of thinking.

Whether it was from strength or desire, these service members and vets brought an agile style of working, one that allowed them to focus on the problem at hand, spend 40+ hours in virtual spaces solving technology issues, and build new connections with other tech industry experts. For this reason, Fall In was proud to host a fully remote career accelerator event for military vets.

Purpose-driven and purpose-built

The event brought together participants from around the world to operate alongside developers, designers, and engineers. The Veterans’ Hackathon provided an avenue for veterans to continue and grow their knowledge, while also coming together in a climate that fosters camaraderie.

Ken Lewis, 20 years Air Force veteran and SAFe Scrum Master
Dan Engel, U.S. Navy veteran, Corpsman, Petty Officer 3rd Class, 2nd Marine Regiment. Fall In vets hack winner.
Dan Engel, USN veteran, Corpsman, Petty Officer 3rd Class, 2nd Marine Regiment.

“I was amazed at the different levels of experience involved in the Veterans’ Hackathon. Despite being a beginner, I was still able to contribute to my group earning third place. The best part is, I still communicate with my partners, and with the help of Fall In, we are turning our prototype into a fully functional application.”

To give veterans the feel of an in-person hackathon and avoid the fatigue of using Zoom, Fall In uses Kumospace video chat, making it feel like the real world, aka guests who are closer are louder. This is happening with spatial audio technology, allowing groups to fall in naturally and dissolve away organically at the same time using the same space.

Here is a snapshot of day one finishing strong with set ideas and partners. Some vets even going past midnight at The Rooftop Bar,

veterans hackathon participants inside kumospace rooftop bar
Kumospace Rooftop Bar with DJ sets powered by spatial audio technology
Example of what spatial audio tech looks like at the veterans hackathon
“3D audio or spatial audio is emerging as the next evolutionary stage in sound” — According to Qualcomm.

Day two— Agile class presented by Drew Podwal from MadHive

veterans hackathon participants inside kumospace living room
Participants of the agile class inside the kumospace living room

Day 3 — Demo Day

Registered participants were given five minutes to pitch an app concept/prototype to judges on day three. The pair of glorious judges selected the best ideas that developed into applications at the close of our Hackathon.

Fall In Veterans’ Hackathon judges come from C-suite executive roles in engineering and design.

Fall in, veterans hackathon judges. Military and veteran appreciation team
Adrian Co-founder zencastr | Brent Co-founder Vinovest
Veterans’ Hackathon Burn pit graph built by team pyrograph comprised of U.S Marines
Pyrograph Burn pit App
Brandon Boyd USMC veteran, Fall In Veterans’ Hackathon winner
Brandon Boyd USMC veteran, II MEF, 2nd Radio Bn. — Platform Marketer,
Military unit logos by team pyrograph comprised of U.S Marines as part of the Veterans’ Hackathon
The team @ Pyrograph are comprised of Marines from these units
Jeri from Queens, USMC spouse and attendee at the fall in Veterans’ Hackathon
Jeri from Queens, a USMC spouse attendee

“I really appreciated the #1 winning team was focused on burn pits & opening up access to data, so relevant.

I’ve been following Jon Stewart’s work on raising awareness around burn pits & related impact on veterans’ health — This is also something that’s very personal for me since I know my husband was around burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan, during his deployments.”

2ND PLACE $200 — UpVet

John Yu U.S Army, Wendy Maldonado USAF, Alex Verhulst USN, Matt Perez USMC Veterans’ Hackathon
John Yu U.S Army | Wendy Maldonado USAF | Alex Verhulst USN | Matt Perez USMC veteran
Veer Singh Veterans’ Hackathon third place winner
Veer Singh USMC reservist
marine corps unit logos and participants of the fall in Veterans’ Hackathon
Team members of MentorHub are comprised of these units

Financial Freedom

The team at financial freedom built by fall in mentee at the fall in Veterans’ Hackathon
Financial Freedom App
The team at financial freedom built by fall in mentee at fall in Veterans’ Hackathon
Michael Rodriguez | USMC Officer turned Software Engineer at JP Morgan
Veterans’ Hackathon are comprised of TBS Marines from these military and marine corps units. The basic school and TBS logo
The team @ Financial Freedom are comprised of Marines from these units

Lo and behold, a deployed Lance Corporal checked-in to the hackathon from the same place I was first deployed back in 2007.

We both became so baffled we started laughing.

He was so stunned he invited his Corporal over just to make sure he wasn’t tripping out or something.

The Corporal’s reaction probably


The story of the veterans’ Hackathon is so large that it cannot be captured in a single medium. Guests were amazed to witness a culture that was all about sharing and supporting each other. Fall ln gives huge thanks to Kumospace for being a great host and defending our heroes.

“The team at Kumospace is thrilled to host our nation’s finest, whether they are jamming on a hackathon for positive change or just catching up with old friends deployed across the world. Our mission is to bring humanity back to the internet and we need all the good men & women we can get.” — Brett Martin Co-founder @ Kumospace / VC Charge

Hackathons are some of the best ways to learn new skills, meet people from diverse backgrounds, and build your portfolio. This is a great adventure, and an amazing example of military members and veterans joining together for positive change and using their skills, creativity, and the internet to improve our community.

Fall In to the next Veterans’ Hackathon to propel your career



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